4Ocean - Marine Nursery Bracelet


By purchasing this bracelet, made from recycled materials, will remove half a kg of garbage from the oceans and coastlines! An accessory that symbolizes a concrete personal commitment to land conservation and our planet. Thanks to 4Ocean!!

In partnership with Conservation International. To help protect the habitats of estuaries and restoring mangrove forests, where many small marine animals are born and are protected during their maturation.

Limited Edition

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4ocean Bracelets

Unisex Design.

Adjustable from 5-12 cm in diameter.

4Ocean stainless steel charm.


The Association 4Ocean was born in the United States and has only one great goal: clean up the oceans.

Besides a stable core of employees, other members of 4Ocean are mostly local cleaners: volunteers, young people, workers, seniors, and even tourists who Board regularly on 5 boats of the Association to clean up the sea.

Characterized by willingness to lead by example , not only by their actions, but also with transparency in financial statements and in the disposal of garbage collecting (recyclable), 4Ocean co-operates with other associations of "water cleaners."

4Ocean sells unique bracelets in their simplicity: spaghetti colored transparent glass beads that are strung.
A Bracelet totally green! The spaghetti and the pearls come from recycled plastic and glass bottles.

For every bracelet sold 4Ocean removes the consideration for a pound of garbage.
A bracelet 100% recycled and supportive!

In less than 2 years, 4ocean has removed 2,302,488 pounds of trash from the ocean and the coast.

4ocean currently operates in more countries and employs more than 150 people worldwide.

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